Are you an internet and cable addict? If you are then cable internet is the right technology for you. Why? Because cable internet will give you a fast internet connection, 10 times faster than dial up. This is because cable internet is connected to the cable modem unlike the dial up where you need to have a phone line in order to connect. The cable internet is not prone to busy lines and signal interferences.  Aside from the internet connection, you will be able to watch you regular and favorite cable programs.

Because of its fast internet connection, you will be able to access information on the internet faster like photos, videos, movies, music and etc. You won’t need to stay on line for a long period of time and this will give you more time for other important things. The cable internet supports data-heavy activities such as online gaming -it will make your online gaming experience high in quality. Cable internet is not prone to drop out like dial up connections are.

There are a lot of advantages in having a cable internet but just like any other thing, it also has its share of downsides like: it does not always operate at the highest possible speed because the speed is dependent on how many people in your area are connected at the same time.  The initial connection is expensive. Not all areas are cable internet ready.