When you hear the issue of allergies, you have also probably heard about allergens.  One should know that in the exposure to allergens, allergies eventually occur as a hypersensitive reaction of the body’s defense mechanisms.  More often, allergens are considered are really harmful objects for allergic reactions can further complicated to the extent of getting a person unable to breathe, thus, dies.  Allergies are often experience by people who are sensitive to dust, plant pollen and some to particular foods.  Because of science, various medications are formulated to deal with these allergies and when they won’t work for you, you might need to go for different methods to cure your allergies.  However, whatever ways you opt, it is always imperative that you seek your physician’s advice.  This is to ensure safety on your own health. 

One really effective allergy remedies that have been in the market and has satisfied numerous people is the use of apple cider vinegar.  Although, it has not built its own popularity yet in terms of treating allergies, apple cider vinegar is already used for a few years now.  At present times, this is, in fact, taken regularly as a stimulant in order to prevent allergic reactions from occurring.  Usually, one-eighth of a cup is suggested to take in one single gulp.  If you can’t take its taste, you can actually follow this with a cup full of water.  This has been scrutinized to be very efficient in fighting against production of histamine, reducing the symptoms of runny nose, misty eyes and headaches.  You can actually take for as much as three times each day depending upon the intensity of the reaction.