Need a fix of your car’s cheap auto glass? Are you in a tight budget and doesn’t have a single idea as to how much an auto glass repair or replacement would cost? No worries. The net is just awesome to be able to answer almost all hanging questions we have.

What you will need to do is google one site that provides free quotes for windshield repair or replacement. One company that provides free quote for windshield is the Satellite Auto Glass. On that site, you will need to fill up certain fields in order to arrive at a free quote. The field to fill up includes a valid US zip code, the model of your car, the made, the year and the part of your car that has the crack e.g. front windshield, back or sides or others. Then you need to specify the number of cracks your windshield has.

After you fill up the required fields, you will be given the estimated quote inclusive of service fee, before taxes and labor. On the same page, you will also see the nearest area as to where you can bring on your car for repair with the estimated distance from your zip code and the available appointment schedule.