You can use your basement as a storage room so that you will have more space in your house for other important things. Aside from making your basement a storage room, you can also transform it into a DVD room, play room, game room or your house office where you can do your unfinished work. Finishing your basement will make you save money. You won’t have to build and spend for an additional room.

You will have to hire a contactor in your basement finishing but you need to know that hiring a contactor will really cost you a large amount of money but if you have the skills in wiring, plumbing, insulation, dry walling and painting then you can just do it on your own. Just take note that if you decide to do the basement finishing on your own, it will take you six months compared to the contactor where it can be finished in just four weeks or 1 month.

In basement finishing, the first step that you have to do is planning. You have to decide what you want your basement to look like. You should decide what color and designs you want your basement to have. The second step that you have to do is measuring. You have to measure the entire area of your basement from the height of the ceiling to its distance from the floor and to the bottom of the floor joists as well as checking how many electrical outlets, switches, light fixtures, wire, plumbing fixtures, are there and how many supplies that you will need. The third and last step that you have to do is to implement. You can now moisture the proof walls and floors, install subfloor, lay-out the walls, frame the walls, rooms and ceiling, install electrical, plumbing, cable, telecom, lights and paint the walls.