Security guards have great responsibilities and duties. Their job is to protect people and properties. Because of this job description, they need to have a license since they are the ones who ensure the safety of the people and properties. This is also to assure the people that they really know what they are doing.

In order for them to get a security guard license, they need to undergo rigid security guard training. They need to enroll themselves to an 8 hour pre-assignment training and to a 16 hour on-the-job training.  After they have accomplished these trainings they are now qualified to have a security guard license. But their training does not stop here. They need to be trained how to operate detecting devices, adjust security systems and equipment, write incident reports both on the paper and on the computer.  Aside from these, they need to be trained how to deal with all kinds of people since they will be around with people all the time. They need to have the courage to stop and send out anyone that is a threat to the safety of the people and the property.  While they are already working, they have to accomplish an 8 hour training every year. This is a refresher course and it is mandatory by the law.