Memory foam has become one of the newest selling sections of the mattress industry.   It was originally manufactured for the use of NASA with the intention to lessen the gravitational forces experienced during take offs and landings.  Others said it was intended for the dashboards of the shuttle and some say it was for the cockpit seats.  But NASA never used it and the assumption is that the off-gassing of this petro-chemical product in the confined quarters of space flight may have been the reason.  And that is when Tempur-Pedic bought the rights from NASA to develop the foam for mattress applications and memory foam mattress reviews and successfully leads the spring free segment of mattress industry.  The greatest advantage of memory foam is its unique ability to conform to the body without creating pressure.  And that is why it is being used in burn centers throughout the world.  Another great advantage to memory foam is its ability to dampen motion transfer which is of great help and solution for people who cannot sleep due to the movements of their partners.  Another advantage of memory foam is its capability to offer straight spinal alignment because of its unique technology make-up of being open celled foam.  As the person lies down, the shoulders and hips deflate the cells and allow the foam to provide the natural straight spinal alignment needed for muscle relaxation thus avoiding muscle pains and stiffness brought about by pulled muscle in an effort to straighten the spine.