In listening songs and watching movies on your computer, you really need the best speakers. If your computer has the best computer speakers, you will be able to hear the sound clearly and audibly. There are two steps on how to make your computer speakers the best: replacing your computer’s sound card and then adding external speakers or connecting your computer to your stereo system.

You need to replace your computer sound systems card because the sound card is the one that expands the slot in your computer tower. The sound card is the one that interpret the information of the audio in your computer and translate them into signals and send them through the speakers. There are a lot of sound cards that are available in the markets and even on the internet but you should only buy a sound card that is the same with the sound card in your computer when you bought it.

You need to connect the sound card to your stereo system. In connecting the two, you should have a long cable with a stereo mini-jack on one end and a pair of RCA plugs on the other end. The mini-jack should be connected to our computer sound card and connect the RCA plugs to the auxiliary input of our stereo amplifier, receiver or mini-system.