College Essay Samples and the Topics You Should Avoid

A college essay sample is a good tool to use when you are writing your college application essay. These samples are made so you will have the idea on what to write or how an essay should flow. But as you write your essay and you use these samples make sure that you don’t copy the whole essay itself. An original college essay is still the best way to grab your reader’s interest.Speaking of interest, there are certain topics that you should avoid in writing your essay. This is to avoid turning off your college application officer when they do read your application. Don’t write about your excuses. If you had a bad time in high school that resulted to low grades, don’t make it a topic of the college essay examples. Admission officers do not care about that so better scratch that on your topic list. Do not talk about your sex life, jail time or drug abuse. These topics are too personal and have too much information about you. So be wise not to include these in your essay. Don’t write about the heroic acts that you have done in the past. Remember that in college, a hero is just the same as anybody. They also have to work hard to get the degree that they want to make sure that you don’t write about that too.

There are many college essay samples that you can follow as a reference as well as the topics to avoid when you make your essay. Just be sure that you do not entirely copy the whole essay. Remember that the key to an efficient essay is having a good content. If you can do this then maybe you’’ succeed with your application. Good luck!