When does cheap auto glass needs some repair and when does it need some replacement? Usually if the damage consists of small cracks or scratches, a repair can be the remedy for the problem. But if it is beyond repairable sate like major cracks that has to potential to break or already broken windshields are the problem, then a replacement would be necessary.

What is usually being used as a remedy for windshield repair is the resin. Resin is a synthetic compound that is usually viscous. This compound hardens in a short span of time. This applied on the cracked areas to provide a strong adhesion so they won’t easily break.

A good repair servicing company should also be able to remove bubbles and moisture that form along with the cracks in your windshield. Repairing chips and cracks can be done even without a servicing company. You can do this alone but you need to be careful not to expose the resin in the sun, as this dries too quickly making your work not as seamless as you are expecting.