The first step in losing weight is to make sure that you are certain with the decision of trimming down.  You need to find out first your body mass index to see how much you need to go through compared with present weight.  Keeping a record of what you eat every day and how much physical activity you get is important.  Once you start scribbling it down, you may discover things about your practices you thought were helpful to you.  The second step is just as important.  You have to establish a long-term goal and commitment is the best way to lose wight.  For instance, if your intake and exercise habits are needed to be changed, then you must put in mind that you will not be doing so for the next 6 months and more.  You’re at least, motivated to make changes that are intended for your entire life.  Starting off with a diet plan, anyone can get himself a book on diets that work from any bookstore.  Every diet book will give you steps on how you can actually lose weight and it works for everybody.  However, the crisis comes when almost none from the diet plan works in maintaining reduced weight, unless, you make use of different strategies.  People tend to lose weight because they do a lot of exercise and they pay more attention to their caloric intake.  Also, they weigh themselves and keep a record of their weight changes, if there is any and most importantly, they don’t skip breakfast.  Exercise, however is not necessary to cut off weight.  Limiting caloric intake is enough to lose weight without doing any physical activity.  Exercise for 60 to 90 minutes a day is only necessary to keep the weight off.  If an individual is not physically prepared to increase his physical activity, then, they shouldn’t push through it since it wouldn’t have a permanent advantage.