We are never sure of the future. Some say that life is like a car tire, sometimes we’re up sometimes we’re down. It is very important for us to secure our future. One of the things that we should secure is our health. We do not what kind of disease we will get or accident we will be involved in and we do not also know that when that time comes, we still have money to hospitalize ourselves. So it is important right now to get a health insurance.

The health insurance protects us from expensive medical costs, fast treatment of illness and injury. We can get our health insurance from the companies that we are working for (this is called employer-based insurance). The monthly payment for our insurance will just be deducted from our salary. However, if the company that we are working for does not give us a health insurance then we should get one ourselves. Getting insurance comparisons on our own will cost us more than the employer based insurance.

The health insurance comparisons that insurance companies offer differ in features, coverage, and prices. So it is really important to compare them and get the health insurance that we really need.