When a student reaches the last year of high school, it is a common feeling for the student to be excited. Excited because finally the student is going to graduate from high school and is finally going to college. But this is not the case for everyone. Some students get sad upon reaching their last year of high school because it is time for them to face the real world, a time for them to work. This is because they cannot afford the college tuition especially now that our world is facing a major global financial crisis.

There is no need to worry because there are scholarship programs that are being granted by people who are still concerned with education.

If you are one of those high school seniors who need a scholarship then these are the things that you should know in getting a scholarship.

First, you should be able to finish your high school education. You cannot go to college without finishing it.

Second, you must have a good academic background and you must get a high score in you GED exam. The people granting the scholarship want their scholars to assure them that they will not be wasting the scholarship that they have given. One way of assuring them is your good academic background and high GED score.

Third, your family‚Äôs financial income must prove that you are really in need of a scholarship. This is because scholarships are only for people who are in need of a financial assistance.