There are several instances when you hired a new employee, a baby sitter, a plumber, electrician or house keeper when you are in doubt of their criminal background.  You do not know them but you know that you need their services that you interact with them and even invite them in your home.  But how can you be sure that you, your home and family is safe with them?  Is there any ways of knowing what is the background of the person? Unfortunately, criminal records are available only in the FBI which is impossible for you to access because it is prohibited to show to the public unless you are a member of the bureu or you know somebody from FBI who will access the files and give you the data you want.  But then, if you will try to search online, you will find several websites that may come in helpful to you when it comes to free criminal background check.  You can begin by trying to search for those websites.  They give a fairly good nationwide criminal record search data.  Although it is not a fool proof files and is limited only to some states, but it is sometimes enough for a person who searched online.  There are several states or country that offers free criminal background check.  They have their own website that gives you enough information regarding the person you want to check about, their criminal records, arrest details or prison information.  And it carries more detailed local information.