Cable tv providers in my area and around the country are emerging fast right now. This is because the demand of cable television has been rising for the past years. Almost everyone right now have cable TV at home. For a cable tv companies to really boom and get ahead with their competitions, they should possess these qualities: The cable company should make their customers their number one priority. They should know and attend to the needs of the customers. They should not only care in making profit but in what they can offer to their customers. The cable company should have quality service. They should always look for ways in improving the services that they have. They should always have the latest trend in cable TVs. They should also upgrade the services that they have. They should always think that what they have is not enough. The cable company should put in mind that not all can afford to have a cable TV so in order for everyone to have a cable TV and to widen their market, their services should be affordable. Everyone should be able to afford it. These qualities will make a cable company to stand for a very long time. They will be able to win loyal customers. Nobody wants a cable company or any company that only cares for making profit.