Hypothyroidism is a condition wherein the thyroid gland failed to produce thyroid hormones. These thyroid hormones are responsible for the body’s growth and development. This condition is possibly caused by Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, Lymphocytic thyroiditis, Thyroid destruction after radioactive iodine treatment and surgery, hypothalamic disease and pituitary injury.  


The symptoms of Hypothyroidism disease are not really that clear because its symptoms can also be similar with other conditions. However, the symptoms of this condition become clearer when the condition becomes worst.

Here are some of its symptoms:

·         Depression

·         Fatigue

·         Cannot tolerate cold condition

·         Wanting to sleep too much

·         Weight gain

·         Dry hair and dry skin

·         Constipation

·         Muscle cramps

·         Swelling of the legs

·         Decreased concentration

As the condition worsens, it has additional symptoms like slowing of heart rate, puffiness around the eye region, a drop in body temperature and heart failure.

This kind of condition can be treated if diagnosed at an early stage. So if you have these symptoms go and visit your doctor. It is better to know now than be sorry later. This condition can be life threatening. It can result to coma-myxedema coma to be exact.