Sciatica can definitely be treated with a wide variety of methods.  Anybody can benefit from home treatment methods as well as the management usually provided by health care providers.  Though in some sever cases, surgery is necessary in treating sciatica, generally sciatica is curable.  You only have to be knowledgeable on how to effectively get rid of the underlying causes of the condition and solve the symptoms that go with it.  While there is no single treatment for sciatica that can absolutely assure a permanent treatment, more and more ways are emerging in order to prevent the condition from coming back all over again.  Since the main symptom is sciatica is pain, the initial treatment that is frequently given is pain medication.  Sometimes, doctors give muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory drugs.  The goal of these medications is mainly to decrease the pain.  However, apart from the idea that they only mask the real condition, they also produce unpleasant effect that can be very deteriorating, thus, adding up more discomfort to the sufferers.

Additionally, exercises have proven their way in treating sciatica.  Physical therapy treatments and some of the passive therapies have also been established to ease off the pain while.  What’s more is that rehabilitative exercises are used by some because it is believed that they can actually correct the underlying causes such as structural disparities and disproportions.  Keep in mind that for various reasons, sciatica patients are not supposed to use any tools and equipments when exercising.  One last option that is uncommonly used for sciatica is surgery.  This is done when every other method available has failed.  It is a fact that surgery can definitely relieve some serious causes of sciatica but it has never been established that it can treat the condition permanently.