Businesses that promote online have increased its popularity because they help business owners to place their businesses in front of thousands of users across time zones in one instant.  Atlanta SEO businesses depend heavily on online marketing and one of the biggest advantages of online marketing is that it facilitates quick and easy sharing of information amongst consumers all over the world and it also reduces the organization’s marketing costs to a large extent.  During the good old days, companies or business establishments had to spend cash to transmit information by a telephone call or through a letter, today, the same can be done for free using the internet and information can be transmitted through emails.  Online marketing also assists in producing a quicker response and feedbacks from users because they no longer need to make expensive telephone calls or post business reply envelopes and all it needs is a few mouse clicks to get all the desired information about a company's product or service.  Online marketing hastens the two-way communication process between a company and its customer and it also offers a company an unremarkable way to communicate with its prospective and potential customers thus diminishing the role of intermediaries allowing companies to pass on the mandatory benefits to their customers.  Colleagues benefit a lot through online marketing and their marketing initiatives get a boost as they get an inexpensive way to target clients worldwide. Transactions and deals can be closed via email or telephone without the need for an executive to visit the prospect personally.