Getting a medical education is the first step in becoming a doctor.  Medical education and training differs from country to country.  Each medical student will have to undergo these trainings:

·         The first two years of medical billing training are a mixture of classroom and laboratory time. During this time, medical students will have to take anatomy, biochemistry, microbiology, pathology, and pharmacology. They will have to learn also how to interview and examine a patient.

·         The third and fourth years of medical training, medical students do their rounds at hospitals and clinics. The students assist the resident doctors in surgery, pediatrics, internal medicine and psychiatry.

After the medical students have completed the 1st and 4th year, they will have to be in contact with more patient by offering voluntary work to indigent populations, they have to enroll in patient handling courses and have longer clinical rounds.  However, if the medical student wants to pursue a career in academic medicine or biomedical research, then the student will have to enroll himself to a school that has strong research programs.

The medical students will have to pass the board exam and spend their three to seven years as a resident in a teaching hospital.