Many corporations and businesses use accounting software to help systematize routine accounting tasks, to create financial reports and to establish controls. With numerous offline and online accounting software packages on the market, there is usually one that can match most of a business's needs, whether it is a large corporation or a sole proprietorship.  The main reasons why many businesses use accounting software is to help automate routine accounting tasks, to create financial reports and to establish financial controls.  There are some disadvantages of using accounting software despite the fact that it can be a time saver and help preserve data.  Any loss of service due to a power or computer outage could cause a work disruption especially when a business is dependent on accounting software.  Work disruptions can stop the input of new data as well as prevent access to the stored information.  A computer outage could result in lost financial data when the information stored is not properly backed up.  Another disadvantage is the risk of wrong information.  The information put into the system is must be as valid as the information in an accounting system. Since most accounting systems entail some manual input of data, financial results might be incorrect unless all input data are reviewed.  It may be difficult to find faulty information if there is a tendency to only review the final reports or output of an accounting system.  Another disadvantage of accounting software is the cost involved in maintenance, customization, and training and computer hardware.