While it is easy to get into an insurance comparisons company through your employer, you can certainly opt to apply personality in 2 more ways.

If you are the lazy type individual that is too busy with your daily routine and doesn’t have time to step into an insurance company’s building, you can certainly opt to apply for insurance through the insurance comparison company’s website. But application is the just the second step as what you have to consider first is to find an insurance company or select one from the various insurance company available in your area. The application may only take minutes. You simply have to visit their site, fill up an online application form that may include personal information like your social security number, telephone number street address and others.

As some people find it uncomfortable providing personal information over the phone or internet, they can certainly opt to apply directly to an insurance company. The application is almost the same, except that there will be an agent that will be talking to you personally and handle your concerns. You will also have to fill up a form and then submit to the in-charged person and then you are done.