Travel nursing is a career option that allows you to take temporary short-term nursing positions across the country.  Because of the severe shortage of nurses in some country, there is an increased demand for this type of position.  To recruit qualified registered nurses and medical professionals, most hospitals and recruitment agencies are offering higher wages, relocation assistance, furnished housing, and bonuses.  And these are just one reason why healthcare professionals chose to become a travel nurse.  Another reason is the opportunity for professional growth and the personal adventures in every place you will be going to.  There are more than a hundred agencies in the United States alone that acts as an intermediary between the applicant and the hospitals or other potential employees.  Applying with one of these agencies usually involves substantial requirements like work history, verification of licenses and certifications, skill assessments for your nursing specialty, verification of immunizations or titers for common communicable diseases, current tuberculosis skin test or chest x-ray, a fit for work certification of an accredited physician and numerous other documents required by the agency and must only be completed once per agency.  The information and requirements submitted will be assessed or evaluated by the agency for the applicant’s credentials, skills and experiences.  The agency will then fax or email your profile to the potential employers, and the manager will review the applicant’s credentials and qualification.  If the applicant successfully landed a job, the agency will process the contract that includes the benefits, salaries, employment package and the travel nurse jobs definitions.