Having a job that is in the list of the toughest jobs in the world, a person must complete rigid security guard trainings before going in to the job- this is why before he gets hired as a security guard, he must first undergo an 8 hour pre-assignment security guard training course before applying for a security guard license. Second, he must have a 16- hour on-the-job training course; this is after he is hired within 90 days as a security guard. Third, he must complete an 8-hour in-service training course once a year.

Aside from these trainings, a security guard must also be trained how to deal with visitors, employees and other people to maintain order and to protect the property; he must have the courage to apprehend or to send out anyone that violates the rules and regulations of the property that he is guarding. He must be trained how to operate detecting devices that are used for screening people, this is to prevent people in bringing dangerous materials inside the property. He must be trained how to adjust security systems and equipment for operational use. He must be trained on how to write report (good writing skills) because he will be writing down notes about everything that has happened during the day.