Have you ever tried using your laptop and everything is in slow motion- slow motion in a sense that even in just saving a file, it takes 15 minutes or so? If you are then your laptop is really working slow and you need to make an action on how to make your computer faster.

In making your laptop faster all you need to do are these things: To remember that you always have to make your laptop cool. Laptops generate a lot of heat and the heat that they generate can affect their performance. The heat will make the laptop work slower; to always shutdown all the programs that you no longer need. The more programs that run at the same time will make your laptop work slower; to use softwares that are anti-virus. These anti-virus softwares will get rid of the threats on your laptop; to get rid of your laptop spyware because this spyware will collect all the personal information of the pages or websites that you visit; to clean up your laptop’s hard drive. Cleaning up means deleting all the files that you no longer use such as images and MP3s. This is the best way on how to make laptop faster as well.