Almost all people nowadays have computers and one cannot deny the fact that computers have become a part of our daily lives especially to those who make their living through the internet.  The internet itself has ascended and sped up like neurons in the brain.  With the fast-growing networks like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and easy accessibility of internet through mobile phones, the effortlessness of wanting to buy something is made so uncomplicated these days.  This implies that internet marketing is widespread already and that any person such as Dreesen can learn how to do it and start making money online.  Choosing the job of being an internet marketer is not an easy decision but later, you will realize that it can be worthwhile.  On the other hand, internet marketing is not something where people could turn to whenever they have financial issues because it can pose many risks where they can be conned by scammers. 

People choose to become internet marketers for their own businesses or for affiliate programs for a lot of reasons.  Topmost reason is that online marketing offers a very sweet compensation especially if you’re an affiliate marketer.  The same reason applies if you’re the online marketer of your own business, you’d want bigger sales, producing more profit.  As James Dreesen, you own your time and you’re your own boss.  With a good pay, success may be towards you and once you work out something more promising out of it like building your own business online, you’ll be able to earn more and save more for your future.