We are now in the computer age. Everything is run by computers. We use computers everyday. We do all the office or school work in our computer and we have the tendency to put many files on it. Most of the time, this becomes a problem because putting many things on our computer makes our computer work slower and it can really be irritating and annoying.

To know how to make your computer faster, we have to remove or clean out something. The first on the list that should be removed is the personal information that the spyware collects from all the websites that we have visited. We have to put programs that detect viruses and at the same time protect our computer.

Second on the list is the desk space on our hard disk. We have to remove from our hard disk all the temporary internet files, downloaded program files (Microsoft active X controls and java applets), empty the recycle bin, remove windows temporary files (error reports), remove optional windows component and installed programs that we do not use, remove unused restore points and shadow copies from system restore.

Aside from removing and cleaning out, we also have to run a disk defragmenter in order to speed up the access of our data. We should do this every time we add a large number of files.