Cable internet is a type of broadband internet wherein the user makes use of the pre-existing cable connection to create an internet connection with a higher bandwidth.

This certain method of sourcing an internet connection is widely used and in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia.

This is a relatively new way of connecting to the internet in a high speed. Federal communications communication or FCC defined a broadband as an internet speed that exceeds 768 bits/ second. The downstream traffic that the cable internet can deliver can reach up to 400 Mbit/s while an upstream traffic from a user can range from 20 to 384 Mbit/s thus qualifying the cable internet to the broadband category.

Cable internet does not tie up with phone also thus giving the user a reasonable speed of uninterrupted internet connection

Unlike DSL, this internet connection is not affected by the distance from the ISP. Usually in DSL, the connection is slowed down when the user is far from the ISP’s geographical location. This is not the case in cable internet. Regardless of the location and distance, cheap cable internet provides a consistent amount of speed to its user.