Selecting the best memory foam mattress among several brands can be quite challenging.  In an average life span, a person spends approximately one-thirds of his life in bed, sleeping.  This is why getting a comfortable bed is a choice that requires an adequate time of thorough decision making.  We already have excellent quality memory foam mattresses available in the commercial business manufactured by four reputable companies, Tempurpedic, Simmons, Serta and Sealy.  Most people prefer Tempurpedic memory foam mattress since it provides much more comfort and full support.  Some would even describe sleeping in a Tempurpedic mattress like sleeping in the air and others would say that they love the feeling everything they wake up, that they are always energized, happy and productive.  Statistically, the average satisfaction ratio on Tempurpedic mattress is nine in every ten people which means 90% are satisfied with the product.  In addition to this, they offer a 20-year warranty and some retails often offer a try-out just to make sure you are overly contented of your investment. 

On the other hand, Simmons has developed a new innovation of memory foam mattress reviews in which it instantly returns back to its original for once pressure is removed.  Also, it dispels heat and can keep you body cool and comfortable since it contours the body as quickly as you could’ve imagine.  Another is Serta memory foam which is considered as the best foam for body support and delectable comfort whereby, pressure points are reduced and facilitates proper alignment.  The last reputable brand is Sealy in which the mattress provides a magnificent sensation of being cuddled and cradled.  Truthfully, there is no single best answer as to questions most people frequently ask on what really the best memory foam mattress is.  Generally, you only need a mattress that provides full support, extreme comfort and temperature-regulator system that would keep you cool.