With the continuous emergence of advancement in technology, it has become a gradually more recognized alternative for most business professionals to make use of accounting software, online or downloadable.  Though most people these days used online accounting software for some reasons, free software products still finds their way to web-based market.  One most used online accounting programs in Nola Pro.  It offers a free accounting and inventory functions provided with basic industry standard modules like order entry, inventory and payroll.  While the program is applicable for Windows, Linux and Freeware, it still remains to a web-based accounting, thus a very good internet connection is a must.  Whether the product is free or not, it is always best for you to know if it is right for you.  You may, in fact, search for consumer reviews and search what makes it a good a choice and what are the drawbacks. 

Among consumer accounting software reviews, you will find a consistent feedback about how flexible their interface is.  Additionally, some would also comment the product for their well-known features of allowing multiple books for different companies, no data limitations and limitless users.  There are even consumers who would make a review that Nola Pro can already be compared with the best accounting software products sold today.  Also, Nola Pro offers add-on services like customization, live support or technical support for a small fee.  With this, you can already modify the program into something to meet the exact needs of certain businesses.  No matter what kind of business you are in, it is generally suitable if you make use of online accounting software to keep track of your finances and transaction in order for you to be able to whirl your way to success.