Having acne is one ugly part of puberty. If only a few pimple show up on your face, it can be easily get rid of with the help of facial cleansers. But what if you happen to have the severe kind of acne formation? Surely it can’t be easily getting rid of with just facial cleansers. It needs further acne treatment and sometimes acnes leave a scar in one’s self esteem.

Cystic acne is a severe form of acne. It is very painful and sometimes causes deformation of the face or any part of the body where it has formed. This kind of acne can affect everyone however; it is found out that this happens to boys and young adult males. This is also hereditary, so if your parents had this while they were growing up then you are most likely a candidate of this condition.

Besides genes, some of the common factors that contribute to the formation of cystic acne are excessive dead skin cells within the hair follicle or pores of the skin, overactive sebaceous glands or a large number of acne-causing bacteria found in the follicle wall of the dermis.