Clutter is the most common problem that all of us face everyday. Clutter is sometimes caused by our busyness that we have no time to clean our house. Remember that our house reflects who we are. If people see that our house is on complete mess then they will also think that we are a messy kind of person. We should find ways how to avoid clutter.

 We should be conscious with the things that we are buying. Often times, the reason why we buy decorative storage boxes is because they are on sale, on great bargains or free. Before we buy things, we should ask ourselves if we really need those things, if we can really use them. If we cannot answer “yes” then we should not proceed in buying them. 

We should learn that when we buy something new, we should be ready to let go of the thing that we already have. For example, when we buy a bag, we should learn to let go of the old bag that we have that we no longer use. We should not hold on to our old things.

We should put expiration like date to all the items that we have. For example, we buy a new bag; we should already put in mind how long we are going to use it. When it reaches its expiration date then it is time for that bag to go. We can either give it to someone close to us like our sister or give it to charity.

We should organize everyday and not just when we have time. Sometimes, things will start to be messy when we don’t organize them immediately. For example, when we see some papers, we should throw the papers that are no longer important and put the papers that are important in their proper place.

 Avoiding clutter with the use of a decorative storage box is easy if we put these tips in our heart.