Wordtracker is an internet program that tracks the exact phrases or words used by people on the search engines to find things.  Tom Libelt says you can type in any subject matter or any words and phrases and the Wordtracker will produce the top 300 phrases incorporating that subject matter that were used in searches for the last 60 days.  It is very accurate and it draws information from a database of over 300 million searches and in fact, Wordtracker is considered to be the bible of internet marketing and advice of Tom.   Wordtracker work this way, if you would type in a word, the search phrases used for the past 60 days will flood and it will show how often that have been used.  Then look for the phrases and determine if any of the keyword phrases appeal to you and if not, move on to another subject matter.    Using Wordtracker is the key to start an online business because you can make sure that your business idea is one that people are searching for on the net.  For example, in your Wordtracker account, you will search the keyword money, and as expected, there will be tons of searches incorporating the word then you find the subject matter.  Say, there are over 10,0000 searches daily for unclaimed money, and from then on, you will get the idea of what type of online business will be perfect for you. Who would want to build a site in which nobody has any interest?  And so the Wordtracker keeps you from doing it.