Every year there are a lot of students who enter college. This means that there are lots of students who will send application letters and college essays. These two are very crucial for they are the basis if the school will accept you or not. So it is really important for you to write a college essay that will really make you stand out among the thousand college essays that will be send to the school.

To write a college essay, the first thing that you should do is to think and brain storm. Think about topics that will interest the admission officer. Write all your thoughts in a piece of paper or in your laptop. Choose topics that will reveal who you are. If you have bad grades throughout the semester then it is better for you to write about it- through the essay, you will be able to defend why you have such grades.

The second thing is to have an outline. An outline will guide you on what sentences that you should write and how your college essay should run.

After you have created an outline, you can now make your first draft.  In your first draft, you write sentences that will help you support your outline. You based your sentences on the outline that you have made.

After you are done with your college essay, you can now review it by reading it all over again and check for grammar and spelling. As soon as you are done, you can now submit it.