There are only a few states that allow you to continue your license while others may have to require you to have a new certification regarding this. So if you are planning to transfer to another state, make sure you find one that allows you to continue your license otherwise you will have to process a whole new license all over again. This is not the greatest news that I have received as that means that even though I completed my security guard training, whenever I move it will mean taking the security guards training over again. Not that it was overly hard getting it in the first place but that simply seems as a waste of time. I've looked the regulations up online and there isn't much difference in what the states require.  

In conclusion, being a security guard is one of the best jobs there is. You are tasked to protect not just properties but people as well. Nothing could be more rewarding than knowing that you, among other people are called to do such job. It’s not all the time that people have the opportunity to do so. Take care of the work that is given to you, keep away from anything that might get you fired and just love the job. It’s better to have one than nothing at all, right?